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Ed is now largely retired and takes on few assignments.

Specializing in Microcomputer and Client/Server Processing Solutions

Organization and Management

Systems Architecture

Systems Design & Implementation

Systems Conversion

Systems Training

Database Marketing

Systems Evaluation & Audit

Internet-based Marketing

World Wide Web setups

Windows help file construction

Startups and Cleanups a speciality

Certification and Licensing

Certificate in Data Processing.

Registered Professional Engineer.

Chartered Engineer (UK).

Other Areas of University Study

Management and Administration.

Tariffs, Economics, Finance and Budgeting.

Communication Psychology.

Law and Administrative Tribunal Practice.

Professional Memberships

Institution of Engineering and Technology (formerly: Institution of Electrical Engineers).

Association of Professional Engineers of British Columbia.

A Brief Biography

Ed Guy's career ascent has followed a zig-zag path, alternating several times between the "technical - scientific - engineering" and "economic - finance - legal" areas and as a result he has spent most of his working life using computers to solve real-life problems. Sometimes he has done this as a member or manager of a formal Information Systems Department, but just as often he has worked in or managed a user department where he has been able to get a better view of what real people want to get out of computer technology - and to make sure that they get it.

Ed has often been described as a "catalyst for change" because of his involvement in many successful start-ups and conversions. Only once has a system he was involved in not entered successful operation. That was because while doing the analysis he found a way of avoiding the need for the system, by recommending other business process changes.

An expert at "doing more with less", he has demonstrated that the most expensive solution is frequently not the best solution. When managing a Government agency’s information systems department he was able to produce envied results while spending approximately half what surveys showed that others were spending to operate a system of its size and complexity. His article "Co-operative Processing - Cheap", published in Computing Canada in 1991, resulted in visits by many other systems experts to see how it was done.

Skilled in programming languages as diverse as "C" and Visual Basic, Ed is an accomplished independent software author. One of his products was featured in the 1994 book "Using the Internet", published by QUE Books Division of Prentice-Hall. His HELLLP! system, an extension to Word for Windows, which assisted in the production of Windows Help Files saw sales in over fifty countries.

Ed's community involvement has included six years of service on the West Vancouver Advisory Planning Commission, over fifteen years of service as a community association director and involvement in successful political campaigns at the federal and municipal levels as well as serving as Treasurer, Director of Development and Trustee Chairman at his church.

Typical Projects

Security Audit of an Electronic Mail system.

Development of a text retrieval system.

Development of a 250,000 name integrated contact management system for a non-profit agency.

Conversion from WordPerfect on a DEC Vax to Microsoft Word on a PC LAN.

Client/server document production with variable information from a host database being entered into word processing document templates on personal computers.

Set-up of a World Wide Web site in connection with an international conference.

Comprehensive review and evaluation of a municipal computer system.

Expert Testimony before the National Energy Board of Canada regarding computerized financial modelling.

Development of customised extensions to Microsoft Word.

Demographic selection for direct mail marketing.

Development of a logistics model of the Northwest Territories barge transport system (and presentation of a paper to the CIPS annual conference).

Organization, set-up and staffing of an Information Systems Department for a major tribunal.

Development of systems for utility tariff design.

Development of a computer aided design system for electrical transmission networks.

Development of PlanBee , an inexpensive alternative to MS Project.

Employment History
1957-1963Nottingham Trent University / East Midlands Electricity BoardEngineering studies and practical training
1963-1964East Midlands Electricity Board, LincolnFourth Engineer, Construction and Operation
1964-1965Central Electricity Generating Board Headquarters, LondonThird Engineer, Planning
1965-1967Midlands Electricity Board Headquarters, BirminghamSecond Engineer, Planning
1967-1968Saskatchewan Power Corporation, ReginaSpecial Studies Engineer
1968-1973Calgary Power Ltd, CalgaryRates and Tariffs Engineer
1973-1976Canadian Artic Gas Pipeline Ltd, CalgaryCoordinator of Planning; Supervisor of Systems Design and Programming
1976-1977Alberta Petroleum Marketing CommissionDirector - Technical; Director - Cost of Service Regulation
1977-1987BC Hydro and Power Authority, VancouverSupervisor of Regulatory Affairs
1987-1992British Columbia Industrial Relations Council, Vancouver
British Columbia Labour Relations Board, Vancouver
Manager of Information Technology
1992-1993British Columbia Workers' Compensation Board, RichmondManager of Information Technology Audit
1993-1997Kinsmen Rehabilitation Foundation, VancouverManager of Administration and Finance
1982-presentGuy SoftwareOwner


More recently Ed has been reprising his former roles involved with municipal planning, as he has worked with his daughter Marianne's company Lemon Garden Design, where he serves as Vice President, to develop her properties in Kelowna, British Columbia. Most recently he has worked with her in the rezoning and permitting phases dealing with 250 Lake Avenue, Kelowna and 262 Lake Avenue, Kelowna in the beautiful Abbott Street Conservation Area of that city.