Program files.
There is provision to install START menu items:
and a desktop icon on client machines by running the program which will be found in the shared program directory/folder. Running this program from a client machine will install the menu items and desktop icon on that machine, but will connect them to the program files on the server.

Note that the icon and menu items (including the Uninstall) will work only when the client machine has access to the shared directory/folder.

PlanBee will need to be executed at least once in "paid up" mode on the machine from which it was initially installed in order for that status to be recognized by client machines. Of course, it is necessary to purchase licences for the appropriate number of users.

Data (plan) files.
If two or more copies of PlanBee on a network (or even on a single computer) have the same plan open at the same time, there could be a risk of one copy overwriting changes just saved by the other copy. To avoid this, PlanBee ensures that when two copies of it have the same plan open, only one of them (usually the first to open it) may save it back to the same file.

When a second copy opens that plan, a warning is displayed that its access is read-only to that file.

A user has the option of opening a plan as read-only (by setting the appropriate check-box in the open dialog) even if he/she is the first to open it and in this circumstance somebody else may open it and save changes.

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